Garden Birds

Attracting a range of beautiful birds into your garden all-year round is important, as you can feed and care for the friendly visitors and get to admire them close up. We have all you need to look after popular UK garden birds, from nesting boxes, bird tables, baths and feeders to seed mixes, fat balls and food storage tins.

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Bird Accessories

Whether it's a nesting box or a window tray, window feeding hooks, or storage solutions we've sourced the best quality accessories to go with our range of bird food, to make your feeding and bird-care tasks easier.

Seed Mixes

Seed mixes are expertly selected to provide the right balance of nutrition for our garden birds at different times of the year.


Fatballs provide a vital source of energy to a wide range of garden birds all year round, but particularly during the cold winter months and the breeding season.

Straight Foods

Great for attracting different types of wild birds to your garden such as goldfinches with nyger seed, woodpeckers with peanuts, or greenfinches and chaffinches with sunflower hearts.

Bird and Wildlife Guides

Help support British wildlife with our range of in-depth species guides, how-to guides and seasonal advice.

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