Peckish are passionate about nature and strive to ensure that wild birds are kept healthy and happy. Believing that sustainability is important, from locally sourced ingredients to plastic free packaging Peckish really are peckish for nature.


Our range of Peckish’s feeds provide all the vital nutrients and vitamins wild birds need to thrive plus a range of bird feeders and accessories to bring more birds to your garden.

Peckish Bird Food

Seed Mixes

Peckish seed mixes contain a variety of high quality seeds rich in essentials nutrients. With a range to suit various seasons throughout the year.

Straight Foods

Peckish straight foods are perfect for attracting specific birds to your garden. Seeds including nyjer seed, sunflower hearts, peanuts and mealworms.

Suets & Treats

Peckish suets and treats are packed full of energy and nutrition. Perfect for autumn and winter to give birds an extra boost.

Wild Bird Care Guides

There are many birds to look out for in your garden, all different sizes and colours which can be hard to identify. Get to know the birds in your garden with our bird care guides and learn interesting facts about each bird!

Bird Feeders & Accessories

Bird Feeders

Peckish have a range of feeders to house seed mixes and straight foods. Whether you are looking for something simple and convenient or decorative and specialist.

Bird Tables & Feeding Stations

Peckish bird tables and feeding stations are the perfect way to house multiple feeders and more food to attract more colourful birds into the garden.

Nest Boxes

Nest boxes are a safe haven for birds during the nesting season. Encourage more birds to your garden with our Peckish Nest Boxes made from FSC© certified wood.

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Bird Care Advice

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