Peckish Bird Food

Peckish are passionate about nature and strive to ensure that wild birds are healthy and happy. Sustainability drives everything they do, from sourcing local ingredients to the use of plastic-free packaging. Yes, Peckish really are nuts about nature.

Our range of Peckish bird food provides all the vital nutrients and vitamins wild birds need to thrive. Plus, we offer a range of feeders and accessories to attract more winged friends to your garden. Buy Peckish bird food online today at Marshalls Gardens.

Peckish Bird Food

Seed Mixes

Peckish bird seed mixes contain a variety of high-quality ingredients packed with essential nutrients to keep birds healthy all year long. Stock up with packs from 1kg to 20kg today.


Straight Foods

Peckish straight foods are perfect for attracting specific birds to your garden. Entice goldfinches with Nyjer seeds, woodpeckers with peanuts, and robins and blue tits with mealworms – plus many other options.

Fat Balls & Suet

Peckish fat balls and suet treats are nutrient-dense and packed full of energy, perfect to give birds that extra boost during autumn and winter. Use these to complement other Peckish bird food products.

Blue Tit Bird

Wild Bird Care Guides

There are plenty of bird species to look out for in your garden. Many different sizes, shapes and colours can be attracted by a Peckish bird bath or bird feed. Identifying your garden neighbours can be a challenge, so use our care guides created in partnership with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) to get to know the wild birds in your garden. Learn interesting facts about each species, how to care for them and much more!

Peckish Bird Feeders & Accessories

Bird Feeders

Our range of Peckish bird feeders house seed mixes and straight foods. Whether you're looking for something simple or more extravagant, we've got products for every requirement and budget.




Bird Tables & Feeding Stations

Peckish bird tables and feeding stations are the perfect way to combine multiple feeders and house more food to attract wild birds into your garden. Set one up and enjoy a spot of birdwatching at home!



Nest Boxes

Birds need a haven during nesting season – so give them something strong and durable with a Peckish bird box made from FSC© certified wood. These sustainable and charming boxes come complete with drainage holes to prevent any build-up of moisture in nests.


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Bird Care Advice

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Choosing the right
bird food

Caring for wild
birds in spring

Peckish Bird Food & Feeders FAQs

Is Peckish bird food any good?

Peckish bird food comes from one of the leading UK producers. It's known for supplying high-quality, locally sourced and nutritious seed mixes, straight foods and suets to keep your garden birds happy and healthy. The Peckish Complete Seed & Nut Mix is a no-mess and no-waste staple for your feeders all year round.

Peckish do more than just bird food though, offering Peckish bird feeders, feeder stations and tables to complement their produce. And with sustainable, recyclable packaging – with no plastic in sight! – Peckish products are a great choice for the environment in so many ways.

How often should you feed wild birds?

There's no magic number as to how often you should feed birds in your garden. One of the best things you can do is monitor how much is left over after you put food out and get a sense of whether more is needed or if there's plenty left over. You can then tailor the amount you put out and how often you refill accordingly.

It's important to remember that wild birds have their food sources and your feed is only meant to be a supplement to their diet when natural resources are in short supply. Like in winter, for example, particularly during cold snaps.

The Peckish bird feed we stock is suitable for a variety of species, while the straight foods can help to attract specific birds to your garden.
Fresh water should also be provided for regular drinking and bathing.

How often should you clean bird feeders?

Bird feeders, stations, baths and tables can be hotspots for disease and infection transmission, so it's vital to regularly clean any in your garden.

This includes removing any droppings and old food that may have accumulated. Wear gloves for washing down surfaces with a disinfectant and water mixture. Any gloves or brushes you use should be exclusively for this task because some avian diseases can transfer to humans.

Peckish recommend that their bird feeders and tables be cleaned and washed every two weeks to stay on top of hygiene. Their products in our range can be taken apart to aid the cleaning process, so you can protect and feed the birds in your garden for many years to come.