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Peckish Complete Seed & Nut Mix bird food x 20kg bag. 12 seed and nut blend with added fortifying Calvita vitamin mix for healthy feathers.

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Pack Contents: 1x 20kg Bag


  • NEW 20kg sack
  • Delivered to your door
  • Quality 12-seed blend
  • High energy
  • Loved by top 10 UK garden birds
  • Fill an average feeder around 80 times

Feed birds through the year and they help you with the gardening by feeding on garden pests too like caterpillars and aphids. Give garden birds quality bird food with this blend of 12 seeds and nuts to suit small and large beaks of your favourite garden birds, from robins with thin bills to greenfinches with stout beaks.

Your bird seed mix arrives right at your door; a 20kg sack of bird food will last months, even in winter when small garden birds are at their coldest and most vulnerable to the wintry weather. Fills seed feeders that you hang up – perfect for finches and tits. We also recommend you sprinkle some of the mix in trays close to the ground to treat ground-feeding birds like robins and blackbirds.

No waste, no mess – all ingredients are edible in their entirety absent of inedible husks or seed cases meaning you get the best value for money and the birds are treated to more food. With Calvita Vitamin mix Peckish Complete is fortified with vitamins and highly nutritious.

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