Secret Garden Dining Station



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Secret Garden Dining Station bird feeder H2.5m. Hard-wearing metal stand, hooks and mesh tray included. No tools needed for assembly.

Pack Contents: 1x Dining Station


Choose this Secret Garden Dining Station for getting families of birds to your garden.

It’s a great bird feeding station for starting up as it’s not too pricey and you don’t need any tools to put it together. All parts fit together by simply twisting parts with your hands. It’s easier to construct with two people but you can fit this fantastic bird station individually if you need to.

With decorative antique finish and attractive leaf design it’s a pretty addition to your garden. There are 10 hooks for 10 feeders to attract lots of pretty birds to feed at any one time, reduce competition and give birds the food they need to see them through cold nights in winter and essential energy from spring.

With additional mesh tray you can attract insect-eating birds like blackbirds and tits, filling the tray with mealworms or shrimps.

Hard-wearing metal which withstands all UK weather means you can rely on this complete feeder for years and years.

With strong and stable fork base to insert in lawn or clay soil.