Potato Seeds

Our high-quality seed potatoes have been specially selected by our experts for their flavour and reliability. They're all grown in the UK from disease-free stock and hold DEFRA or SEERAD certification as well as Safe Haven Certified. 

Tubers can be ‘chitted’ prior to planting to enable strong shoots to develop. Stand them in a tray or an eggbox with one of the narrower ends pointing upwards. They're ready to plant when shoots are around 2.5cm long.

When planting in the ground, place the tubers approx. 15cm apart in rows that are 60cm apart with the eyes facing upwards; scatter Marshalls Pre-planting Potato Fertiliser into each trench before placing the tubers in. For containers, it's important to use a bag or pot that's at least 45cm wide. When shoots are about 15cm tall, begin earthing up with around 2.5cm of soil; keep covering the new shoots with more soil as they grow as this will help with ventilation and prevent potatoes from turning green. 24 hour despatch 7 days a week on all seed potatoes.

Potato Seeds
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