Westland Moss Master 400sqm


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A clever and natural way to remove moss from your lawn. Natural friendly bacteria will eat the moss and transform this into nutrients for your grass. Contains slow release feed to feed your lawn for up to 3 months for green and lush results.

Pack Contents: 1x 400sqm Coverage Bag


  • Removes moss the clever way
  • The natural way for a great lawn.
  • Feed your lawn for up to three months.
  • Child and pet friendly.

If you're struggling with moss appearing on your lawn. Then Westland Moss Master is the perfect solution to dealing with your moss problems. Removing moss the natural way means that your lawn will not be chemically damaged and left with black spots and staining.

Westland Moss Master deals with moss in a clever way, by releasing friendly bacteria into your garden which eats moss and converts it in to organic lawn feed. So as well in removing moss it also provides your lawn with a slow release of nutrients for up to 3 months.

If you have young children or pets in your family you can relax knowing that your lawn is being treated and your children and pets can play freely in the garden, as Moss Master is completely harmless to humans and wildlife.

For best results apply where there is a recognised need. Moss Master works best when applied between March and September. Do not apply when your soil is dry or when conditions are expected to be freezing.