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often hailed as the jewel of the garden, are versatile and rewarding plants that captivate with their vibrant coloUrs, rich flavoUrs, and diverse culinary possibilities.


often hailed as the jewel of the garden, are versatile and rewarding plants that captivate with their vibrant coloUrs, rich flavoUrs, and diverse culinary possibilities.

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Tomato Varieties


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Cherry tomatoes are small but nutrient-dense, they are great for snacks, salads, pastas, and more. Compared with other types of tomatoes, they're particularly rich in antioxidants.



Plum tomatoes are long and oval in shape and are generally fleshier than chopped tomatoes. Perfect for making a thick and tasty, simple pasta sauce.


Salad Tomatoes A classic all rounder, ideal for slicing or sandwiches, Grown on the vine to be firm and juicy, an ideal favourite.


Beefsteak tomatoes are meaty, juicy fruits perfect for summer sandwiches or as sliced snacks with a sprinkle of sea salt.


We have put together some delicious and unique varieties to give you a wide range of tomatoes in different growing formats. Take your pick from our wide selection of colourful cherry, salad, plum and beefsteak tomatoes and uniquely shaped and tasty heritage varietes

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Growing cordon tomato plants is the ultimate way to save space in your garden. Cordon, or "indeterminate," tomatoes are known for their vertical growth and continuous fruiting. To cultivate a successful cordon tomato garden, focus on proper support structures, consistent pruning to encourage upward growth, and providing optimal conditions such as sunlight, well-drained soil, and adequate watering. This approach allows you to maximise space, promote healthier plants, and enjoy a prolonged harvest season.


Bush tomato plants, also known as "determinate" tomatoes, offer a compact and manageable gardening experience. These plants have a predetermined height and set fruit within a specific timeframe, making them suitable for smaller spaces or container gardening. With less need for extensive staking or pruning, bush tomatoes are often a convenient choice for gardeners seeking a more straightforward cultivation process. Focus on providing well-draining soil, ample sunlight, and regular watering to support the growth and productivity of your bush tomato plants.

Sweetest Varieties

 Introducing the sweetest tomatoes in the Marshalls Garden range, bursting with a delightful balance of sweetnedd and tanginess, these petite gems are a favourite for snacking, salads and culinary creations. Get ready to savour the sweetness


Blight Resistant

Introducing blight-resistant tomatoes: the superheroes of the tomato world! Engineered to combat the dreaded blight disease, these resilient varieties promise bountiful harvests without the worry of disease wiping out your crop. Say goodbye to blight-induced woes and hello to thriving tomato plants!

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Plug Tomatoes

This larger size has better root development and establishes quicker and stronger.

7cm Grafted Tomatoes

Our grafted vegetable plants offer strong, vigorous plants with improved resistance to soil-borne diseases, so you can be sure of a great harvest.

9cm Tomatoes

The smallest of our potted plant ranges which offer great value for money across selected ornamental and vegetable plant ranges. Suitable for planting out immediately.

Companion Planting

Companion planting with tomatoes involves pairing them with compatible plants to enhance growth and deter pests. Basil is a popular companion for tomatoes, as it can improve their flavour and repel certain insects. Marigolds also make excellent companions, acting as natural pest repellents. Chives will protect against predators like aphids and spider mites and tomatoes produce a natural chemical called solanine, which is a repellant for the asparagus beetle. In turn, asparagus produces a natural fungicide that helps prevent early blight and botrytis, making asparagus a fantastic companion for tomatoes.

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Unique Tomatoes

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