Tomato Plants

Nothing comes close to the sun-ripe goodness, texture and aroma of home-grown tomato plants. Ideal for both beginners and experienced green thumbs, gardeners can plant tomatoes in grow bags or sacks which offers the versatility of adding structure for cordon varieties or growing bush varieties in smaller gardens. Alternatively you can grow 'cordon' plants in the ground or a greenhouse. You can also plant bush tomatoes in a coldframe or out in a sunny spot spilling over pots and hanging baskets.

Take your pick from our wide selection of colourful cherry, salad, plum and beefsteak tomatoes and uniquely shaped and tasty heritage varieties. Buy tomato plants from Marshalls today.

  • Wide variety of delicious tomato plants for sale
  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Contact customer services six days a week, including bank holidays

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