Whether you are newly embarking on your seed growing journey or are a seasoned gardener, we have an excellent range of seed propagators to suit your needs. Designed for successful seed germination and cutting propagation, we know how important the right growing environment is for fostering healthy plants. 

Elevate your propagation experience with Heated Propagators that allow you to manually or automatically temperature control the compost for the perfect growing environment. Especially useful if where you germinate your seeds is susceptible to fluctuating temperatures or if you want to start off earlier in the season.

Unheated Propagators are a cost effective way to help create a warm humid environment, and ideal of germinating seeds when temperatures allow or can be used in conjunction with a heat mat to start seeds off earlier or for trickier varieties. 

Discover all sowing and growing essentials at Marshalls Garden including Sowing Trays, Potting on Pots and Early Plant Protection. Shop all in our Potting & Propagation collection

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