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Welcome to OUR PRE-ORDERING hub - your destination for reserving VEGETABLE PLANTS, BULBS, SHRUBS & FLOWERS FOR THE YEAR AHEAD.

as a leading provider, we pride ourselves on DELIVERing DIRECLY TO YOUR DOOR, AT THE PERFECT TIME OF YEAR FOR PLANTING & GROWING, ensuring your gardening success.

Pre-Order Planting


Be the first to reserve your summer FLOWERS, bulbs, SHRUBS and vegetable plants with our pre-order SERVICE.

Fruit & Vegetables

Get ready to dig into something delicious.
A superb selection of fruit and vegetable plants. Our nursery takes pride in carefully curating a collection that is sent directly to your doorstep. Delivered at the optimal time of the year for guaranteed success!


Real Christmas Trees & Wreaths: All pre ordererd Christmas trees and wreaths will be despatched week commencing 4th December.

Our delivery information page is frequently updated. Find the most up-to-date information and despatch dates here.


Get organised for the year ahead by reserving your favourite vegetable plants in advance for delivery throughout the growing calendar. We offer exciting new discoveries and improvements to existing varieties along side our trusted selection of premium quality vegetable seedlings, garden ready plugs & pot plants which are all available to pre-order.


Receive the finest quality onions, shallots, and garlic at the right time by reserving yours in advance. At marshalls garden, we're excited to offer a premium selection of these easy to grow essentials. Our carefully sourced and rigorously inspected bulbs are perfect for both novice and experienced gardeners, promising to add depth and richness to your recipes. Secure these kitchen staples for your garden now.


Secure your potatoes in advance from marshalls garden. We're excited to offer an extensive range of high-quality potatoes, all available for pre-order. Whether you're a novice gardener or seasoned potato enthusiast, our carefully selected tubers will yield bumper crops of fresh and delicious harvests. Order now and take your first step towards cultivating delicious home-grown potatoes.


Plan ahead and discover the joy of growing your favourite soft fruit plants. We're delighted to offer a range of premium soft fruits. From succulent strawberries, to juicy blueberries and ruby-red raspberries we carefully curate product selections to offer you the very best varieties, helping ensure you’ll be cultivating delicious home-grown harvests all year round.


Enjoy the benefits of home-grown fruit by securing your favourite fruit trees in advance. We will ensure that you get the best quality available & that your trees will be delivered at the optimal time for planting. Whether you're dreaming of apple orchards, pear, citrus, nut trees or something more unusual, now is the time to reserve.

Flowers & Plants

Get ready to bloom!
Cultivate your happy place with our wide selection of blooms, each carefully chosen to bring joy and beauty to your surroundings. Start nurturing your dreams of a stunning garden today by reserving your favourite flowers and plants. Let the blossoming begin!


Pre-ordering summer bedding plants is a smart and exciting way to prepare for a vibrant and colourful garden that will burst into life when the warm weather arrives. These seasonal beauties not only add a pop of colour to your outdoor spaces but also offer the opportunity to design and customise your garden with a variety of textures and fragrances. Get ready to transform your outdoor haven into a floral paradise with the convenience and anticipation of pre-ordered summer bedding plants.


Pre-ordering summer bulbs is the secret to sowing the seeds of a magnificent garden even before the warm rays of the sun grace your outdoor space. These bulbs, bursting with the promise of vibrant blooms and lush foliage, hold the key to a summer garden that's a symphony of colours, shapes, and fragrances. Get ready to plant the seeds of anticipation and watch your garden flourish with the beauty and brilliance of pre-ordered summer bulbs.


Pre-ordering ornamental trees is the first step towards creating a picturesque and enchanting landscape that will stand as a testament to nature's beauty in your outdoor space. Ornamental trees bring elegance and charm to any setting, with their unique foliage, colourful blossoms, and graceful forms. By reserving your ornamental trees in advance, you're setting the stage for a truly captivating and enduring natural masterpiece that will thrive and inspire for years to come.


Pre-ordering perennials is the surefire way to establish a garden that blooms and thrives year after year, painting your outdoor space with a spectrum of colours and textures that evolve with the seasons. These resilient plants are the backbone of any enduring garden, bringing a touch of nature's resilience to your landscape. By reserving your perennials in advance, you're taking the first step towards a flourishing and dynamic outdoor sanctuary that will continue to enchant you with each passing season.


Pre-ordering bare root roses is like securing a treasure chest of timeless beauty and romance for your garden. These exquisite roses, free from soil and containers, offer a unique opportunity to cultivate a captivating floral haven. In this guide, we'll explore the world of pre-ordering bare root roses, unlocking the advantages, selection wisdom, and essential care tips to ensure your garden becomes a sanctuary of love and elegance.


Pre-ordering shrubs and climbers is your ticket to crafting a lush, green masterpiece in your outdoor sanctuary. These versatile and resilient plants provide the backbone of any landscape, whether you're seeking to create natural privacy, add vertical interest, or infuse your garden with a burst of colour. we'll embark on a journey into the world of pre-ordering these green wonders, delving into the myriad benefits, selection considerations, and expert insights that will help you transform your outdoor space.