Summer Flowering Bulbs

Prepare your garden for vibrant, summerlong colour with our biggest range of summer flowering bulbs yet. Choose from over 150 across dahlias, lilies, gladioli and more!

Delivery Dates

Our summer flowering bulbs will be delivered from early-March through to June.
Our delivery information page is frequently updated, for more information click here.

Our Summer Bulb Favourites


Make excellent cut flowers and offer a large variety of colour, flower size and height to suit any garden. We have a huge range of premium tuber varieties to choose from.



Stunning summer shows and heavenly scents. We offer a wide range of Top size and premium quality bulbs to choose from across oriental, asiatic, to giant lilies.



Loved by generations of gardeners, these summer-blooming bulbs produce elegant spire like blooms that add structure to any border. We have a wide range of varieties in many colours.

Other Popular Summer Bulbs


Create carpets of colour with these pretty cup-shaped flowers. They can be both early and late flowering depending on when you plant.

Tuberous Begonias

A cost effective way to enjoy begonias all summer long. Best started off indoors as they are tender but will come back year-after-year.

Canna Lilies

These tropical looking impressive plants are easy to grow in containers or toward the back of borders and look fantastic throughout summer.


Crete a burst of colour in your borders during late summer. Crocosmia come in shades of red, orange and yellows and originate from the native grasslands of South Africa.

Nerine bowdenii

Hardy perennial bulbs that flower in autumn bearing large funnel shaped lily-like pink flowers. They prefer well-drained soil in a sunny position and also do well in containers.

Zantedeschia (Calla)

Exotic summer floweing bulbs known for their bright trumpet like flowers. Perfect for pots and containers and adding structure to borders in a sunny position.

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Growing Information & Advice

Summer Bulb Growing Guides

Bulbs are easy to grow and are extremely versatile, they come back year after year.

Bulbs store their energy over winter, they then spring into life as winter draws to a close and look stunning in borders, filling in the gaps before your shrubs and perennials spring into action again.