Anemone Bulbs

There are different types of Anemone; 'nemorosa' and 'blanda' are spring flowering, while 'coronaria' is spring or summer flowering depending on when you plant them. 

'Nemorosa' (the wood anemone) prefers a damp, shady spot or woodland planting. 'Blanda' like light shade and well-draining soil. These types can be planted in September and October for flowers the following spring. Plant 'Coronia' in a sandy, free-draining soil in a full sun position during spring for flowers in summer or plant in early summer for flowers in autumn, or you can even plant in autumn for flowers the following spring.

Read our how to grow Anemone guide to find useful information on planting in both containers and borders, as well as aftercare and how to deal with common pests.

Anemone Bulbs
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