How to Grow

Optimum Planting Time: April-June
Flowers: July - September
Height: Gladioli can reach heights of up to 4ft tall and will need staking.

Where to plant

Gladiolus need a sunny position and good, well-drained soil with plenty of organic matter.

Plant your bulbs a week apart from March onwards in your pots or borders for a succession of flowers over summer.

How to plant gladioli in the ground

  1. Plant your gladiolus corms 10 - 15cm (4 – 5inches) deep, 15cm (5inches ) apart in beds and borders.
  2. Plant your bulbs in groups so you get the most impact with lots of flowers.

How to plant gladioli in containers

  1. Choose a container with sufficient drainage holes and fill two-thirds with potting compost.
  2. Corms can be planted closer together in containers than in the ground, so plant 10cm (4inches) deep and 15cm (5inches) apart.
  3. Cover in compost and water well. Move to a position where the bulbs will be in full sun.

Watering: Water your plants well in the growing season so you encourage more growth.

Feeding: While your plants are in flower feed them with Marshalls Liquid Flower Feed very couple of weeks.

Aftercare: Stake your plants before the flowers emerge to help them grow upright and not break in any winds.

As the flowering season ends, deadhead but keep the browning foliage to allow the bulb to store food and prepare for next year.

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