What to expect
When ordering Plants & Bulbs

When we despatch your plants, they will arrive as plugs, multi-sown modules, bare root plants, bulbs or potted plants. It’s not as confusing as it sounds - take a look at our guide below to find out how we send plants of different sizes straight to your door and what you can do when they arrive.

Plug Plants

Plug plants are seedlings which are grown in modular trays and are ready to ‘pot on’ into larger pots when you receive them. On arrival, we recommend you unpack them and place in water to moisten the compost and then leave in a light, warm place for a day to settle before planting.

Medium plug plants

Our medium plug plants come in trays ranging from 12 cells to 50 cells. Measuring either 3cm x 2cm or 2cm x 1cm, dependent on tray size, the young plants have been grown by our nursery experts to reach you in tip top condition. We recommend they are potted on for 3-4 weeks to develop strong root stock before planting in the ground.

Large plug plants

Our large plug plants come in either 9 or 24 cell trays. The young plants have been grown in the best possible conditions in our nursery and measure 7cmx5cm or 3x2.5cm, depending on tray size. On arrival, soak in water and leave to settle before potting on for 3-4 weeks to enhance root growth.

Extra-Large plug plants

Our extra large plug plants come in 3 or 6 cell trays and measure 5cmx3cm. With root stock already established, there is no need to pot on and they can be planted straight into baskets, containers or straight into the ground.

Multi-sown modules (approx. 40 seedlings in total)

Our multi-sown modules come in both 9 cell trays and 24 cell trays, containing approximately 40 seedlings in total. Plugs measure either 7cmx5cm or 3cmx2.5cm We recommend that the multi-sown plugs are NOT split apart as this will slow the growth, always plant as a cluster for optimum results.

Potted Plants


Some of our rose varieties are delivered in 4.5 litre pots and have been expertly grown at our nurseries. These established roses can be planted out straight away in your garden and container as long as the soil is warm and moist.


Our perennials are supplied in 9cm pots (measured by the diameter of the pot). With a well strong root system in place, you can plant out in the garden straight away and leave them to establish or you can grow them in larger pots as they are still young, before planting out to create a stunning annual display.

Shrubs & Alpines

Our selection of shrubs and alpines arrive in 9cm pots which are a cost effective way of creating colourful, stand out borders or sensational containers. With established root stock, these can be planted in the ground straight away or potted on and planted out when a bit bigger.

Blackberries, Raspberries, Gooseberries & other Soft Fruit

Our soft fruit plants are grown in our nursery in pots ranging from 9cm to 2 litre, depending on the plant’s stage of development. The younger plants in 9cm may need to be potted on, whilst the 1 litre and 2 litre pots can be planted directly into the ground and established ready for a fruitful harvest the following year.

Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are supplied by our nursery in 2 litre and 3 litre pots and are ideal for small gardens. Because they have strong root growth and are established plants, they can be popped into a container or straight into the ground so you can soon enjoy one of your five a day at home.

1 Litre Potted Raspberry Plants

5 Litre Potted Plant

Bare Root Plants

Bare root simply means that the plant will arrive at your door without a pot or soil around the roots. The plants are sent while they are dormant with no fruit, flowers or foliage to ensure they arrive with you ready to be planted and will spring into action in a few weeks.


Our roses are lifted directly from the nursery field and delivered fresh to your door. When they arrive, we recommend that your plants are removed from the packaging and the roots soaked in water for 24 hours prior to planting.


Your bare root strawberry plants will arrive in a moistened bundle during their dormant season from October to December. When they arrive, we recommend that you unwrap them, before placing in warm water to rehydrate the roots before planting.


Our raspberry canes are best planted bare rooted and will arrive with you when they are dormant from October onwards. For the best results, when your plants arrive, we recommend you soak your canes in water then spread the roots out before planting.

Perennials & Bedding

Freshly dug up for despatch, our bare root flowering plants need to be given a good soaking in a bucket of water on their arrival to rejuvenate the roots before planting in the soil. Planting bare roots in autumn is the traditional way, because they produce much stronger, more floriferous results earlier in the spring.

Lily of the Valley Bare Roots

Raspberry Cane Bare Roots


We supply premium grade bulbs from the best growers in the UK. Lifted straight from the ground and delivered straight to your door in a recycled plastic mesh bag, we recommend that you plant your bulbs straight away to give them a good start. However, if you wish to store them for a couple more weeks, we recommend storing your bulbs in labelled nets or paper bags in a dry, dark frost-free environment until you wish to plant them.


Have a typical bulbous shape, similar to an onion with fleshy scales and the underside showing visible roots from its basal plate. e.g Narcissus, Tulip


A mass of solid tissue with a fleshy stem that is round and flat in shape. e.g Crocus, Gladiolus


A swollen stem bearing leaves and roots, which grows horizontally on or just below the surface.   e.g Iris


Tubers are another type of swollen stem with no basal plate and a leathery exterior. Tubers tend to have eyes which are growth nodes from which the new plants grow. e.g Anemone

Dahlia Tubers

Gladiolus Corms


Seed Potatoes

Your seed potatoes will be delivered to you in a bag after being freshly lifted from the ground of our supplier. On arrival, we recommend unpacking your potatoes into a tray, standing them with the rounded end up. Keep them in a cool, dark place until you are ready to start chitting or sprouting. Potatoes should be chitted about 4 - 6 weeks prior to planting, by placing them in a light, airy spot until "eyes" appear which are the sprouting stems.

Onion & Shallot Sets

An onion set is a young onion that has been grown from seed in the previous year and will continue to grow into a full sized bulb once planted. Onion sets will arrive with you packaged in a bag. When they arrive, we recommend you unpack and spread in a light, cool position away from direct sunlight until ready to go into the ground.

Charlotte & Lady Balfour Seed Potato Tubers

Onion Sets