Flower Bulbs

Buy flower bulbs, plant them in one season and forget about them. Months later, they will surprise and delight you when they come back bursting into bloom! With splashes of colour that brighten up any corner of the garden, flowering bulbs are great for impactful displays in pots and containers.

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Flower Bulbs
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We're proud to stock award-winning flower bulbs that will help bring character and colour to your garden, backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Looking to breathe new life into a border in early spring? Buy in-stock flower bulbs online by Thursday and they'll be with you in time for your weekend jobs in the garden. And if you're planning ahead for the next year's display, we'll deliver spring-flowering
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Flower bulbs FAQs

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What type of flowers grow from bulbs?

Some of the most popular varieties of flowers in UK gardens grow from bulbs. Tulips, daffodils and crocuses flower in spring and are often the first splashes of colour in the garden each year. Summer-flowering bulbs are characterised by their dramatic appearance and rich hues – dahlias, gladioli and lilies are showstoppers in this category. And autumn-flowering bulbs like nerines and cyclamen can extend the interest in your space right through the seasons.

What is the best month to plant flower bulbs?

This depends on what you're planting. Spring-flowering bulbs (tulips, daffodils, etc.) are typically planted the previous autumn in September and November – ready to bring your space back into colour after the winter. Summer-flowering options such as dahlias, begonias and lilies go into the soil in early spring after the last frost.

What flowering bulbs come back every year?

Many flower bulbs are perennial performers. Tulips and daffodils will bloom for several years if given the right conditions (sunny spots with good drainage) without you needing to do much. Snowdrops are another popular perennial flowering bulb. Often the first sign of life after winter, emerging snowdrops are often a sign to gardeners to gear up for the busy spring. Options such as begonia and dahlia tubers will need to be lifted and stored in a dry spot over winter if they are to reflower.

Can I plant flower bulbs straight into the ground?

Pick the right spot, conditions and time of year and flowering bulbs can thrive when planted directly into the ground. Be sure to plant them with the tip facing up and in a hole that is deep enough per your individual plant's instructions.

How to store flower bulbs?

Healthy bulbs that show no signs of rot, damage or disease can be stored in a cool, dry place. Hanging bulbs in nets is a good way to ensure that air circulates around them fully and keeps them healthy for when it's time to plant. We recommend planting flowering bulbs delivered by us as soon as possible after they arrive.

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