Introducing Plants

for your Home

Bringing our passion for gardening inside your home.

Our fantastic range of houseplants are delivered directly to your home, ready to place in your chosen room to brighten up your day!

Our plants for the home have been specially selected by our experts who put an emphasis on only choosing the highest quality plants from our trusted growers; they’re then cared for by our experienced in-house team before being carefully packaged to reach you in optimum condition and give you years of happiness. You’ll also receive a care guide specific to the plant you have chosen so you can continue to give your plant the right care.

Houseplants by Type

Cacti & Succulents

Cacti and succulents are some of the most popular types of houseplants and can be one of the easiest types to care for.

Ferns & Foliage

Our range of ferns and foliage houseplants are fantastic for rooms which have lots of shady spots or have relatively low light.

Trailing & Hanging

Grow our trailing and hanging houseplants in pots hanging from the ceiling or on a sideboard or shelf for eye-catching displays.


Our stunning variegated houseplants display multiple colours on their foliage making them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Houseplants by Room

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Perfect plants which love the humidity and warmer temperatures of bathrooms and kitchens.

Desk Plants

Houseplants are fantastic mood-boosters and our plants are the perfect addition to your desk to lighten your day.


Specially selected houseplants for your bedroom to help you create a calm and relaxing environment.

Living Room

Houseplants that are perfectly suited to living rooms to give the wow factor to anyone who enters.

Houseplants by Style

Easy to Care for

Our low-maintenance houseplants require little care so are perfect for busy lifestyle.

Air Purifying

Our air-purifying houseplants have been chosen for their special abilities to filter toxins and clean the air in our homes.

Pet Friendly

Our selection of pet-friendly plants will give you peace of mind whilst creating stunning displays in your home.

Houseplants by Conditions & Positions

Sunny & Light Rooms

Perfect plants which love and thrive in bright environments such as conservatories.

Dark Rooms

Carefully chosen houseplants which are happy in darker spaces such as hallways.

Cool Rooms

These houseplants love nothing more than cooler temperatures.


Brighten up corners of the room with our specially chosen range of houseplants.

Houseplant Essentials

Houseplant Compost

Choose from our high-quality, speciality compost to ensure your houseplants get all of the nutrition they need to continue to grow healthy and strong.

Houseplant Feeds

We have houseplant feeds available for different types of plants, including those specific for cacti and succulents as well as more general feeds.

Houseplant Accessories

Our range includes well-known brands and covers everything you need to look after your houseplants as well as giving them an extra dimension with our fun accessories!

Houseplant Advice

Houseplant Care & Advice

Our guides have been written by experts to help you care for and nurture your houseplants. so you get years of pleasure from them.

From feeding tips and advice on watering to help with choosing a houseplant for a specific room in your home or at work, read our guides to get the most from your houseplants.