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Bio-Gro Plant Health Invigorator 250ml



Catalogue Code: 1090-4246

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Plant health invigorator liquid concentrate. 250ml makes 250 litre ready-use plant growth supplement for improved fruit and vegetables. Ups plant nutrition.

Pack Contents: 1x 250ml Bottle


The all-Round natural plant growth supplement and insect pest and fungal disease suppressant, based on wholly natural ingredients.

The concentrated plant biostimulant - the natural insect pest and fungal disease suppressant
Boosts vigorous healthy plant and root growth, for higher quality, more nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits

250ml pack makes up to 55 gallons/250 litres in total

Improves growth

  • Stimulates strong plant and root growth
  • Unlocks and adds valuable trace element availability
  • Increases yields with better quality, more flavoursome vegetables and fruits that stay fresh longer
  • Improves flower setting further increasing yields
  • Reduces plant stress, improving germination and establishment when planting out
  • Improves frost and drought resistance
  • Promotes valuable uptake of potash for optimum flowering and fruiting

Pests & diseases

Bio-Gro Plant Health Invigorator’s  biostimulant properties improve overall plant health, increasing immunity to plant diseases and infections 

  • Promotes plant health and stronger cell structures to resist pests and diseases
  • Ensures greater defence responses to Inhibit attack from pathogenic microbes, fungi and insects
  • Reduces the need for pesticide applications
  • Increases immunity to potato scab

Your Bio-Gro Plant Health Invigorator also;

  • Assists better and less sporadic seed germination when used as a 'seed soak' prior to sowing.

Key ingredients are:

  • Concentrated Seaweed Extract
  • Natural Mexican Yucca Extract
  • Chitosan
  • Probiotic Non-Pathogenic Microbes

Use Plant Protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


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