Gro-Sure Smart Seed Fast Start 25sqm



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A blend of hard wearing, quick growing lawn seed varieties that germinates successfully in colder temperatures of 7°C.

Pack Contents: 1x 25m2 Pack


  • Fast Acting grass seed varieties
  • Seeds start to germinate at 7°C
  • For strong, healthy lawns
  • Specially coated with Aqua Gel
  • 25sqm coverage

Gro–Sure Smart Seed Fast Start is a blend of hard wearing, quick growing lawn seed varieties that is perfect for filling in bare patches or over-seeding worn areas. The seeds are treated with Aqua Gel technology for guaranteed success even when the soil temperatures are low. The special blend is designed to germinate at 7°C, where other blends will only begin germinating at 10°C.

Sow in spring for quick establishment so your grass gets a head-start on weeds and out-competes them for light, water and nutrients.

In autumn take advantage of further sowing on patchy parts of the lawn. Because the lawn seed is quick to germinate you can top up your lawn before the on-coming of winter weather.

Useful Tip:

Use a Lawn Drop Spreader for even application over small and large areas. Walk at a set pace and enjoy seeing grass establishing at a consistent density.

*when pack instructions are followed.