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Seed Potato 'Maris Bard' - Growing Kit



Catalogue Code: 1090-7115

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At Marshalls we are excited to announce that one of our favourite potatoes is now available as a Gro-Kit. We love Maris Baird for its high yielding shallow eyed oval tubers.

Pack Contents: 5 Potato Planter Bags, 1kg of Tubers and Fertiliser


  • High yields ready for your summer salads
  • Doesn’t discolour when boiled like other potatoes
  • Offers excellent all round disease and pest resistance
  • Comes with our exclusive FEEFO 5* rated potato fertiliser and Gro-Bag

If you are looking for big yields and shallow eyed oval tubers then Maris Bard should be your potato of choice. When boiled this type of potato holds its shape well, that means it’s perfect for summer salads or boiling in general.

1kg of Tubers

A customer favorite and a well-established garden variety. It remains this way due to its excellent resistance to disease offering you peace of mind knowing that you will be able to harvest high yields in May and June.

1x 75g sachet of Marshalls Potato Feed. NPK 14:14:21

Our exclusive potato fertilizer is specifically designed to get the best out of your potatoes. Helping with aspects such as stronger leaf development and increased yields. Our advice is you sprinkle your fertilizer right at the bottom of your sack. Ready for planted tubers to be added into your Gro-sack. Due to it being highly concentrated Marshall's potato fertiliser goes a long way.

5 Recyclable potato planter growing bags.


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