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Seed Potato 'Nadine' - 2kg



Catalogue Code: 1050-6795

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With white skin, firm flesh and good flavour, second early potato ‘Nadine’ is ideal for boiling and sautéing. This disease-resistant variety produces high yields of potatoes that store well.

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 2kg Pack of Seed Potato (Approx. 24 -30 Tubers)

Size: Fully established spread: Approx. 40cm

Height: Fully established: Approx. 1m


  • Second early potato
  • High yields
  • Great for boiling and sautéing
  • Stores well
  • 2kg bag of seed potatoes delivered to your door

Producing a high yield of tubers with white skins, firm flesh and good flavour, second early potato ‘Nadine’ is ideal for boiling and sautéing. A disease-resistant variety that stores well.

How you will receive your plants:

Selected by our team of experts and sent from our nursery, you will receive seed potatoes in early January in a breathable net bag that can be recycled as for plastic bags. This keeps the potatoes together in a pack that is nice and airy – perfect to keep them healthy while in transit.

Can’t plant straight away?

Ideally, you should aim to start chitting your potatoes (see below) within a week of receiving them, but if this is not possible, store them in a cool, dark place until you are ready to use them.

Planting tips and hints:

Around 4-6 weeks before planting, it’s a good idea to ‘chit’ your seed potatoes, especially first and second early potatoes. To do this, place them in a cool, bright place with most of the ‘eyes’ pointing upwards to allow shoots to sprout. The shoots should be dark green or purple. If the shoots are white and spindly, move the potatoes to a cooler, brighter spot.

Meanwhile, prepare the soil for planting. Use a shovel to dig in soil conditioner.

Once the shoots are around 2.5cm long, the potatoes are ready to plant. Remove all but the strongest two shoots from each potato.

Use a trowel to make holes around 12cm deep and plant a potato in each hole with the shoots pointing upwards. Add a general purpose fertiliser when planting. When shoots appear, earth up the potatoes by mounding up soil around the stems to create a ridge. Repeat as the plants grow until the ridge is around 25cm high.

Water regularly in dry periods, especially around flowering time.

Harvest first early potatoes in June or July, second earlies in July-August and maincrop potatoes from late August-October once their leaves have yellowed.

Click here to view our full Potato Growing Guide.

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