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Add an inexpensive protective tube sleeve for your tomato plants and create a perfect environment for your favourite tomato plants. Polythene tube allows maximum sunlight and protection from garden pests.

Pack Contents: 3x Protective Tomato Tubes

Size: Height: 2m/6.5ft


  • Greenhouse-equivalent environment
  • Perfect for patios and balconies
  • Aeration holes included
  • Tie wires included

Use Tomato Tubes to give your home-grown tomatoes an ideal ambient environment without having to fork out on a greenhouse which can be expensive. Your 2m (6 ½ ft) long tube fits over a tomato planter around 30cm (12in) in diameter. Made for polythene dotted with aeration holes your tomato plants are treated to an ideal environment, receiving and making use of optimum sunlight.

As your plant grows simply extend the tube. When your tomato plant reaches its maximum height you can wire the tube at top with ties included.

With our variable summer your tube protects your plants from summer storms and early frosts in autumn. It also keeps garden pests off your tomatoes providing protection in a number of ways.

Useful tip:

Keep your tube over your planters as summer creeps into autumn. This is because the polythene tube stimulates tomatoes into ripening- handy when you notice a glut of green tomatoes towards the end of the season.