Westland Bonsai Potting Mix 4L x2


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Get eight litres total of Bonsai Potting Mix. Perfect for successful bonsai plants.

Pack Contents: 2x 4L Bags


  • Arriving straight to your door
  • For strong roots and healthy mature ‘windowsill’ trees
  • Added loam to retain nutrients
  • Free-draining for ideal moisture levels
  • Slow-releasing nutrients
  • With water-retaining Seramis mix
  • 8 litres in total

Buy this duo of Bonsai Potting Mix and get eight litres of expertly-formulated growing media.

Growing bonsai plants is a great hobby to give a try. Meaning ‘plant on a plate’ in Japanese you can successfully cultivate the oldest of trees and shrubs and present them on a windowsill on account of their charming miniature-size.

With this Potting Mix you have ideal soil in which to grow your bonsai. As your plants are mature they require a lot of nutrients in spite of their size. The slow-release of nutrients and moisture retention thanks to the Seramis mix means your plants enjoy nutrients over a long period of time for a healthy canopy of leaves and well-functioning bark.

Useful Tip:

Spray mist your trees daily when in active growth in the summer and give your plants some fresh air. Keep indoors overnight over winter somewhere cool and position outdoors on sunny days.