Brassica Clubroot Resistant Collection x 32 - Plants


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Plant these Brassica Clubroot Resistant Collection x 32 - Plants under protection or plant out if conditions are fine. You’ll not believe the quality of these superb crops.

Key Features

  • F1 Hybrid variety
  • Disease resistant
  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 32x Brassica Plants, 8x of Each Variety


The only way you can guarantee disease-free and great-tasting cabbages and greens is by growing resistant varieties – and now we have the perfect resistant collection for you.

Here is a a quartet of your favourite brassicas that are clubroot-resistant, guaranteeing you good harvests.

Clubroot is a fungal infection that causes the roots to swell affecting the water uptake to the plant, causing severely stunted growth- ruining your well-deserved crops.

The fungus that causes this infection can survive in the soil for up to 15 years – so even crop rotation is not a viable solution.

The collection consists of 32 plants, eight of each variety:

8 x Cabbage Kilaton- Keeps its colour for longer and stores for long periods in a cool dry place like a waterproof shed. Harvest: October - January.

8 x Cauliflower Clapton- Takes up less space with its upright growth and produces well-protected dense white curds. Harvest: August - October.

8 x Brussels Sprout Crispus- Naturally vigorous in growth and stands well in the ground. The small tight buttons are dark green with good flavour. A great pre-requisite to the Christmas period. Harvest: September - November.

8 x Broccoli Komodo- produces dense deep-green heads of calabrese which are formed on a compact plant. Harvest: July - October.

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