How to Grow
Gladiolus (Gladioli)

Optimum Planting Time: September – November
Flowers: May - June
Height: 60cm (24in)

Where to plant

Gladioli need a sunny position and good, well-drained soil with plenty of organic
matter. Most are planted in spring, but these two varieties should be planted in autumn.

How to plant in the ground

1. Plant your gladiolus corms 15cm deep, 15cm apart in beds and borders.
2. It is best to plant in groups for best visual impact.

How to plant in containers

1. Choose a container with sufficient drainage holes and fill with 2/3 potting compost.
2. Corms can be planted closer together than in the ground so plant 10cm deep and 15cm
3. Cover in compost and water well. Move to a position where the bulbs will be in full sun.


1. As the plant begins to grow, feed with a high potash fertiliser fortnightly when in flower.
2. Make sure the soil is kept moist but not waterlogged to avoid bulb rot.
3. As the flowering season ends, deadhead but keep the browning foliage to allow the bulb to
store food and prepare for next year.

Pests and Diseases

Gladiolus thrips can cause a mottling on the foliage and flowers of your plants. Check frequently in
spring so action can be taken before an infestation develops. Cut and dispose of any affected parts
of the plant or use organic sprays such as pyrethrum, surfactants, fatty acids, or plant oils. If persistent, insecticides that contain the synthetic pyrethroids lambda-cyhalothrin are

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