How to grow Jerusalem artichokes

Grown for the delicious underground tubers but also boasting tall stems with pretty yellow flowers, Jerusalem artichokes make a real statement in garden borders or large tubs.

Where to grow Jerusalem artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes are a hardy variety and will grow in most conditions, but they succeed best in fertile and free-draining soils that have a sunny position.

Some shelter from winds will help this tall perennial plant, although once its stems and flower heads are trimmed it fairs better in blustery conditions.

When to plant Jerusalem artichokes

Jerusalem artichoke tubers should be planted around March to April time, with earlier spring planting preferred for a better yield and tuber size.

How to plant Jerusalem artichokes

Jerusalem artichokes are grown from tubers, not seeds.

  • Plant each tuber 6inches (15cm) deep and a space of 12inches (30cm) apart.
  • Keep rows 5ft (1.5m) away from each other.
  • Tubers can also be grown in large containers or tubs with good-quality compost.
  • Once stems reach about 12inches (30cm) in height, compact more soil up around the base to stabilize the plant.
  • If needed, stems can be cut back to approximately 5ft (1.5m) in the summer to support them further and reduce the need for cane or stake supports.
  • Water well in dry spells.
  • When yellow foliage dies away in autumn, cut the stem to about 6inches (15cm) above the soil.
  • Tubers can be lifted throughout autumn when needed. Use a fork or spade to lift the soil and expose the artichokes from the soil.