13mm Chicken Wire


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Get hold of this 4m roll of galvanised and rust-proof chicken wire with 13mm aperture for quick fencing around the garden, for pet and chicken enclosures, tree protection, other plant protection and staking and making boundaries in allotments.

Pack Contents: 1x 4m (13ft) Roll

Size: Length: 4m (13ft), Height: 90cm (3ft)


  • Easy to cut to size
  • Make boundaries and enclosures in minutes
  • Create upright for plant supports

This chicken wire is versatile and a must have for you, the practical gardener. This shrink-wrapped roll offers 4m in length which you can use for a range of tasks on the allotment and in the garden.

Easy to cut to size this 13mm aperture chicken wire makes an easy means of protection from valuable crops and ornamental trees attacked by rabbits and deer. Particularly useful when you are growing sweetcorn plants to keep badgers out that are partial to nibbling the stems bases.

This 13mm chicken wire also serves as a great support for ornamental plants like peonies. Just create a supporting ring around the bases of your plants and the leaves soon hide the chicken wire while it provides an upright to keep the stems from flopping.

Useful Tip:

Handy for supporting rows of broad beans, dwarf peas and even raspberry plants. This galvanised steel chicken wire makes an effective budget or make-shift enclosure, to tie stems onto. You can keep your wire upright with the help of supporting bamboo canes.