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Acer palmatum 'Trompenburg' - 3 Ltr



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Purple-red new leaves with long narrow lobes give this decorative Japanese maple a delicate, lacy appearance. A small ornamental tree that looks good in any garden.

Key Features

  • Hardy perennial
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade
  • Prefers shade

Pack Contents: 3 Ltr Potted Plant

Size: Fully Grown Spread: 2m

Height: Fully Grown: 3m


  • Purple-red spring foliage
  • Striking autumn colour
  • Small ornamental tree
  • Good for small gardens

Purple-red leaves with long narrow lobes give this decorative Japanese maple a delicate, lacy appearance when the new foliage appears in spring. The leaves turn greener in summer and then striking orange-red in autumn. Acer palmatum ‘Trompenburg’ stays relatively compact and makes a beautiful tree for a small garden.

Plant in a moist, well drained, neutral or slightly acidic soil, with shelter from hot afternoon sun and drying winds which could scorch the leaves.

Water regularly during dry periods in the first year after planting, using rain water rather than tap water if possible.

If necessary, prune from November to March to remove dead, damaged or crossing branches. Pruning at other times of year will cause the tree to bleed sap, which weakens it. Avoid pruning unless necessary, as Japanese maples produce their best shape naturally.

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