Bamboo 120cm Garden Canes x20

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Give your flowers and crops the support they require to keep your garden looking good with cost-effective pack of 120cm bamboo canes.

Pack Contents: 20x 120cm Canes


  • Just 35p per cane
  • Create sturdy support for your favourite flowers
  • Made from natural bamboo to complement your garden
  • Recycle and use over and over again

Enjoy your collection of reusable bamboo canes, crucial for growers to keep tall flowers and crops like runner beans and Brussels sprouts upright. These 120cm high bamboo canes are the perfect height for supporting flowers like hollyhocks and sunflowers.

Just right for sweet peas 120cm bamboo canes let you show off sweet peas to their best. You can fashion a wigwam or cradle with your canes as a low-cost way to create welcome height and structure to your outdoor space and give multiple sweet pea plants the support they need.

These natural bamboos are ideal for providing support for large fruit cages made of chicken wire. Just slot them through the holes for a quick and cost-effective way of creating a protective enclosure or cage.

Useful Tip:

If storing your canes to use next season clean off this season’s soil and keep the canes somewhere cool, airy and dry to keep them clean and durable. Keep them somewhere well-ventilated to stop them from splitting.