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Enjoy Beetroot Sugar Salad Mix, varieties specially chosen to pick and enjoy raw, cooked or juiced.

Key Features

  • Disease resistant
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 170x Beetroot Seeds


  • Perfect, sweet mix
  • Perfect for growing in UK plots
  • Disease resistant varieties for successful harvests
  • Colourful collection for great roots and leafy greens
  • Great for growing in pots and beds

Thought you had to cook beetroot? With this specially selected mix you don’t. I have selected and blended the sweetest, softest-hearted varieties so you can eat straight from the garden with no cooking. Just pull, wash, peel and slice directly into a salad to make a wonderful sugar sweet salad without the calories but with the fibre and vitamins.

Beetroots are full of nutrition and they may help to reduce blood pressure, improves exercise stamina and may improve muscle power. As part of a healthy diet Sugar Salad Mix helps to maintain a healthy weight.

Enjoy beet leaves as well as roots – they add dimension to a regular leafy salad and are packed with vitamins. Cut some leaves when the plants are young – the leaves are more succulent when small.

Useful tip:

Sow seeds regularly in short rows. Eat thinnings as baby leaf salad. Harvest some larger leaves as salad or slice and lightly steam. As the beets grow pull when larger than golf ball size but smaller than a tennis ball, wash, peel and eat raw, cook or juice in the usual way.