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Very recently introduced to the UK, get your hands on this 2kg pack of seed potatoes of second-early potato variety with good flavour and high yields. Praised in other countries for excellent performance.

Key Features

  • Prefers full sun

Pack Contents: 2kg Pack (25-30 Tubers)


  • Versatile in the kitchen
  • Internationally praised
  • Big harvests

Recently introduced to the UK, get your hands on this second-early yellow-skin, yellow flesh potato variety with an earthy scent and good flavour.

Praised internationally for excellent growing performance get peace of mind that this is a suitable variety lauded by home growers all over the globe.

Enjoy harvesting the big, oval-shaped potatoes in mid-summer for a great crop of potatoes to play a great role in many a Sunday meal. In the kitchen Constance makes great mash and baked potatoes - so versatile!

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