Eraza Zero Slug Killer 725g



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Slug killer to stop slugs eating your home grown crops and garden flowers. Ferric phosphate pellets, metadehyde free and safe to use around crops.

Pack Contents: 1x 725g Pack


  • Protect your crops, hostas and flower beds
  • Certified organic
  • Metaldehyde-free
  • Ferric phosphate pellets
  • Remains effective after rain, watering and sunlight
  • 725g tub
  • Crops can be consumed shortly after application

Control the slug population in your garden organically and responsibly. Eraza Zero Slug Killer gives you the power to keep your flowers looking in top form and your garden crops tasting great, uneaten by slugs that can wreak havoc to your ornamentals and your vegetable patch.

Now metaldehyde-free Eraza Zero is safe to use on your vegetable patch; you can even reap the rewards of big harvests and eat crops shortly after application.

Sprinkle around the base of your plants in containers and beds. Store your tub somewhere cool like a shed when not in use; the lid keeps your tub air-tight and fully sealed to keep your pellets fully fresh and effective.