Frost Protection Fleece Jacket - Medium x3

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Protect your potted plants against the frost with these specially designed medium fleece jackets.

Pack Contents: 3x Medium Fleece Jackets

Size: H:1m x W:80cm


Protect your plants in beds, borders, pots and hanging baskets with these premium quality reusable medium fleece jackets, designed to fit over plants to protect them from frost. Provides instant protection from frost, weather and pests in your garden with the thick fleece material.

Simply slide over the plant, pot or basket and fasten into place using the drawstring. Fold flat when being stored ready to use during the next cold spell.

The medium fleece jackets will allow sunlight, air and moisture to filter through whilst protecting the plants.

  • With drawstring closure for secure fixing
  • Spun-bonded fleece fabric
  • Prevents ‘frost burn’
  • Easy to store
  • Reusable
  • Allows air, moisture and water to reach plants
  • Offers protection from both ground and air frosts
  • Allows easy access for checking condition of plants
  • Medium - 1.1m x 0.88m - Pack of 3