Hyacinth White Pearl -Indoor (prepared) Hyacinth bulb


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Buy Hyacinth White Pearl, the ideal bulb for flowering at Christmas, filling your home with pure white blossoms and a beautiful scent.

Key Features

  • Perfect for pots and containers
  • Hardy perennial
  • Prefers full sun
  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 5x Hyacinth Bulbs

Size: 16/17cm

Height: 25cm / 10in


Prepared Indoor hyacinth bulbs are fantastic for Christmas flowers.

If you love to have flowers indoors at Christmas time NOW is the right time to order prepared indoor bulbs for forcing for Christmas.

Prepared Hyacinth bulb White Pearl produces spikes of sweetly scented flowers. It is one of the best white hyacinths for forcing with fantastic scent and pristine white petals. White Pearl flowers in time for Christmas if you plant the bulbs by October at the latest.

Plant the bulbs in containers of bulb fibre, plant with the tip of the bulbs showing above the compost; hyacinths need a cool spell and a period of dark to replicate winter dormancy followed by warm bright conditions to fool the bulbs into thinking its spring.

To get them to flower for Christmas leave them in a cool cupboard or garage for around 10 weeks, keep them watered and bring into a warm, light position as soon as flower buds emerge.

Aftercare indoors Turn the pots regularly to prevent the stems from leaning towards the light and, as the stems emerge, give them some support to prevent them flopping. You can do this with canes and string but the coloured stems of cornus or willow tied with natural raffia or narrow ribbon, look particularly attractive.

After flowering

After the bulbs have flowered indoor hyacinths can be planted outside in a sheltered position.

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