Maris Piper Seed Potatoes 1kg



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Get hold of 1kg bags of seed potatoes Maris Piper, giving you harvests of regular uniform tubers that fry and roast up beautifully in the kitchen for the perfect autumn fare as the weather turns and you need some heart-warming meals.

Pack Contents: 1kg Pack (12-15 Tubers)


  • For the perfect pub chips
  • High yielding
  • Home-grown scented spuds

Choose potato Maris Piper for your own vegetable patch for the sheer scent of freshly dug potatoes from September. This is a much-loved variety so timely for warming mash potato, gourmet- pub chip or potato wedges as the summer turns to autumn and the temperatures start to get colder.

Maris Piper are truly delicious as roast potatoes. The skins crisp up perfectly and leave a soft fluffy centre on account of the water content. Yes, you can get this variety at the supermarket in plastic wrap, but they are without the home-grown scent and essence of potatoes in your own garden which makes them truly appealing. No need to chit before planting, just keep the seed potatoes cool and dry until March when it’s time to plant.

Useful tip

Storing well, take advantage of an on-going supply of home-grown Maris Pipers over the winter to keep you well-stocked for tasty side-dishes. We recommend you store in a dry location, preferably in an open crate.