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October Sowing Seed Collection


Catalogue Code: 1020-2320

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Sow these Seed Collection - October Sowing in a greenhouse for best possible germination rates. With just a little care you’ll produce home grown beauties!

Key Features

  • Prefers part shade

Pack Contents: 5 seed packets


Grow delicious winter salad crops with this money saving collection. These five varieties have been carefully selected for growing indoors in a cool greenhouse or conservatory. Sow in place after clearing out your summer crops.

Either sow in a container or directly into the soil at the borders of your greenhouse, you can expect crops in as little as five weeks for some on the varieties.

If your area is hit by extreme weather these plants may require some protection in the form of a fleece blanket. Avoid watering too much in this situation to keep the plants quite dry.

On warmer days allow a breeze to blow through your greenhouse, this will benefit your plants and help keep them disease free.

Ensure that your greenhouse or conservatory is kept clean and clear in order to allow as much winter sunlight in as possible.

Mizuna Kyoto – Quick growing and hardy. For salads and stir-fries

Rocket Voyager – A slow selection of wild rocket, with punchy flavour.

Spinach Amazon – Excellent for tender baby salad leaves

Oriental Mustard Mix - Five zingy varieties for stir fries and salads

Spring Onion Guardsman - Versatile bunching exclusive spring onion for salads and stir-fries. Early-harvesting and hardy variety with a delicious taste and dark green leaves.

*Please be aware that these seed packets may list "Sow outdoors" dates only as this is how they are ordinarily grown. We have carefully selected these varieties as they are suited to the sowing months listed above indoors.

Growing Calendar

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