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Grow crops every season of the year! A large special gro-bed designed to grow your favourite crops

Pack Contents: 1x Patio & Greenhouse Gro-bed, 140L Capacity

Size: W80cm x D54cm x H30cm (32in x 21in x 12in)


  • A new type of Gro-Bed to increase the harvest from your greenhouse or patio
  • Great to place on your patio or balcony
  • Holds 140/150 litres of compost
  • With handles for easy-moving with assistant
  • Height: 30cm, width 80cm, depth 54cm

The great big, collapsible Gro-Bed just needs four strong canes to slide in the special sleeves at the top of each edge for rigidity. Then fill with good loamy soil or compost and you're ready to grow.

Some 40-50 lettuces fit in this Patio & Greenhouse Gro-Bed growing at any one time.

The Gro-Bed has four strong carry handles, so you can move it around your garden, patio or greenhouse with ease. It's designed to be the perfect size to suit growing all sorts of crops.

Six will fit neatly into a 8ft x6ft greenhouse and the Gro-Beds are also fully collapsible to help save space in storage if not in use.

Repeat-sow and harvest super quality salads all summer long. Start autumn crops outdoors and when your summer growing bag crops are finished, you can move your fantastic Gro-Beds inside.

You can also insert a broom stick into the sleeves so you can move it like a stretcher.

Please note: canes not supplied.

Holds 140/150 litres of compost