Peckish Secret Garden Dual Seed Feeder



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Peckish Secret Garden metal dual seed feeder with verdigris finish for garden birds. H25cm x W26.5cm x D14cm

Pack Contents: 1x Dual Seed Feeder

Size: Height: 42cm (16.5in), Diameter: 12.5cm (5in)


  • Four birds feed simultaneously
  • Verdigris decorative finish
  • Made from durable metal
  • Lovely gift idea

Why have one seed feeder when you can have two?

This Secret Garden Dual Seed Feeder is decorative and doubly functional thanks to two large feeders positioned together onto one feeding tray and a large suspension loop to make hanging from a hook or tree branch a piece of cake. Made from strong metal your feeder tolerates all weathers, through adverse winters and through the summer sun.

With four feeding ports that birds can choose from your Dual Seed Feeder is almost like a service station to small birds when food is scarce. With easy-to-remove lid it’s easy to refill and to keep clean with a brush.

Consider giving this Secret Garden Dual Seed Feeder to a wildlife lover in your life.