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Rootrainers - 32 Cells



Catalogue Code: 1090-5715

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We've improved our Rootrainers to now include a durable lid which can be used to create a mini propagator. Each cell opens to avoid root disturbance when transplanting. They can be used to propagate a wide range of flower and vegetable seeds

Pack Contents: 1x Pack, 8x 4 Cell Trainers, Tray & Propagation Lid


  • With propagator tray and lids for strong plants
  • Ideal for overwintering sweet peas
  • Used by by expert growers

Get Roottrainers to promote young plants like sweet peas, root vegetables and hellebores that naturally develop long roots

Your Roottrainers comprise extra-long cells to accomodate long roots.

Plants with long roots suffer in regular pots from having too little soil space to grow the long roots they need for the best nutrient and water uptake.

Each cell opens so you can avoid disturbing the roots when transplanting.

We've now improved our Rootrainers to include a durable lid which can be used to create a mini propagator.

Look forward to well-trained young plants with extremely healthy, strong root systems, ready to go into their final position.

Reusable 32 cell tray & propagation lid.

Cell Depth: 12cm (4 1/2in).



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