Secret Garden Wall Hanging Bird Table



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A functional and decorative wall bird feeder for your patio or outdoor space to attract small garden birds like robins, tits and finches. Constructed of sturdy and weather-proof metal your feeder is super durable and with a handy removable tray.

Pack Contents: 1x Wall Hanging Bird Table


  • Fixes onto walls easily
  • Attractive verdigris finish
  • Durable metal: lasts for years
  • Perfect for back yards

Fill this beautiful bird feeder, a perfect gift for wildlife lovers, with bird treats throughout the year and watch your favourite garden birds congregate on the decorative strong metal tray.

Finches, tits and other small birds come to visit and you can see them at close range when you place your Secret Garden Wall Hanging Bird Table by an outdoor seat or on a wall opposite a window so you can watch from the comfort of your lounge.

Made from metal it is super strong and this feeder lasts for years. Just take the tray out to fill with your favourite bird treats and put it back in the main decorative feeder. With a handsome leaf pattern finish this feeder looks the bee’s knees, practical and super attractive.

Perfect for giving as a gift to the wildlife lover in your life.