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Special Offer! buy all 3 together and save £2.70! Sweet Pea Ring for the perfect support, Sweet Pea Fertiliser to boost flowers and cell trays to grow many plants

Pack Contents: 1 x Sweet Pea Ring, 1kg tub of fertiliser, 8 9 cell plug trays


Special Offer! buy all 3 together and save £2.70!

Sweet Pea Ring:

Holding up to 10 canes, this support is perfect for growing Sweet Peas.

Using these simple but effective plant supports couldnt be easier, just push canes into the ground and then clip each cane to the ring at the top. Plant Sweet Peas, Beans, Peas and other climbing crops at the base of each cane. Made from nylon and lasting for many seasons.

Suitable for canes of 1 to 1.5cm diameter. Canes not supplied. Keeps Sweet Peas healthy and flowering for longer!

Sweet Pea Fertiliser:

Sweet peas are hungry plants and need plenty of food and water to give their best display.

Our specially formulated fertiliser has all the nutrients and trace elements necessary to produce healthy plants that flower their socks off!

NPK 12:11:18



• K= Potassium -FOR MAXIMUM FLOWER POWER Plus trace elements: Zinc -helps plants to form chlorophyll. Manganese -helps them harness energy from the sun and to take up water, especially on chalky soils. Boron- encourages healthy plant cells. Hoe fertiliser into the soil before you plant for your best ever display.

Cell Trays:

Excellent for large seed, multi sowing, seed that need a deeper root and for potting on seedlings to achieve garden ready plants. Black 9 cell tray designed to fit in our propagator. 6 trays will fit on our water tray. Trays have letters and numbers down the side to help identify the cell. UV resistant and re-usable year after year. Tray size L 18cm x W 15cm x H 8cm. Cell size 5cm x 4.5cm