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Westland Houseplant Feed Concentrate 200ml



Catalogue Code: 1090-4659

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Give your favourite houseplants Westland Houseplant Feed Concentrate, a balanced liquid fertiliser that let your houseplants thrive

Pack Contents: 1x 200ml Bottle of Feed


  • Perfect for houseplants
  • Balanced formula of major plant nutrients for excellent health
  • For greener, more vibrant leaves
  • Encourages flowering
  • Easy-measure dose cap
  • 200ml concentrate

The ideal feed to treat your favourite houseplants to so they thrive, naturally cleaning the air you breathe at home plus offering a sense of calm to your indoors. Boosting both leaves and flowers this feed sees to all your houseplants through their main growing period through the spring and summer.

The balanced formula brings together essential nutrients and the trace elements your plants require to thrive so you can expect glossy leaves and beautiful indoor flowers.

Useful Tip:

From spring, simply squeeze the bottle to fill a capful and add this capful to a litre of water. Apply to your plants on every second watering through the spring and summer.


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