Westland Orchid Potting Mix 4L



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Give your orchids everything they need. Orchid potting mix will allow your roots to breathe and feed exactly how they want to. Seramis clay provides a sustained water source, whilst the pine bark allows for a natural open space for your orchid roots.

Pack Contents: 1x 4L Bag


  • A specialist mix specifically for your Orchids.
  • Pine Bark offers a large open space for your roots
  • Helps with drainage inside your pots.

Specifically created for healthy grown and abundant flowering our Westland Orchid potting mix is a blended mix of bark and seramis clay granules and pine bark which will offer an open structured potting mix that will retain moisture and allow free flowing air to your orchids, not smothering or preventing them in any way.

Seramis is included in the Orchid mix as it is the perfect solution for retaining the correct amount of water. This means that your orchids will have a stable water source that they can rely on. As a result you will be rewarded with healthy roots that are well fed, and aren’t all crushed and compact at the bottom of your pots thanks to the added pine bark in the mix.

Orchid potting mix is easy to use. When repotting simply add a layer of the potting mix to the bottom of the pot then carefully reinsert your plant. Once your plant is in place then carefully fil around the sides of the plant, gently tapping the sides of the pot allowing the soil to fall into a natural structure.