Companion Planting

Companion planting has been done for many years and offers a wealth of benefits including the below: Deterring pests: Certain plants naturally repel insects or deter critters. The scent of garlic is off-putting to many pests, attracting beneficials: Some plants draw in helpful insects. For instance, borage attracts pollinating bees and pest-eating wasps, 

Shade regulation: Taller plants offer shade for smaller ones that need sun protection. For example, sweetcorn can provide shade for lettuce.

Improved plant health and plant flavour: When one plant absorbs certain substances from the soil, it can positively affect the soil chemistry for nearby plants and sometimes improve their flavour such as basil with tomatoes

Improving soil fertility: Certain crops like beans, peas, and legumes help increase soil nitrogen availability. Additionally, plants with deep taproots like burdock bring up nutrients from deep soil layers, enriching the topsoil for shallow-rooted plants.
Weed suppression: Planting sprawling crops like potatoes alongside tall, upright plants reduces open spaces where weeds typically thrive.

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Companion Planting
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