Westland Houseplant Potting Mix 4L


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Take advantage of Westland Houseplant Potting Mix which allows the perfect soil environment for all your houseplants.

Pack Contents: 1x 4L Bag


  • Specially formulated for houseplants
  • Open mix for ideal airflow and drainage
  • Includes nutrients for healthy growth
  • For vibrant greener houseplants
  • With added perlite for soil texture improvement
  • 4 litres in every bag

Get Westland Potting Mix to give your houseplants a welcome boost. All your houseplants grow well in this Potting Mix on account of the mix’s open structure of wood fibre and water-retaining ‘Seramis’. Houseplants like peace lilies, cheese plants and scheffleras grow well in the open soil and establish lots of roots which in turn leads to lots of healthy green shoots.

With added perlite your soil achieves the perfect balance of moisture-retention to drainage. Good news for the roots of your favourite indoor plants this mix cuts down on waterlogging and drought given that you water your plants on a regular basis.

Useful Tip:

When repotting plants place a little Houseplant Potting Mix at the bottom of your new container and back fill the side as you place the existing plant in the centre.