Open up your garden to the local birds and bees, and create your very own wildlife reserve. Some of our wildlife products have been developed with our partners at the BTO, so you know they’re good for the environment. Critters like hedgehogs are the gardener’s friend too – they just love munching on slugs!

Recommended Categories

Nest Boxes

A good nest box is an essential part of any wildlife friendly garden and we have selected three of the best. For a short time we are also offering a special reduced price on our wooden nest box.

Bird Feeders

Where you hang your feeder is really important to making sure your garden birds are happy and well fed. Make sure your feeders high enough to avoid predators like cats, close to shelter, and of course somewhere where you can enjoy them.

Wildlife Foods

Hedgehogs and hoglets are visitors we’re always happy to welcome to our gardens. However, sometimes they need a helping hand through the seasons.

Wildlife Homes

Make your garden a friendly place for insects and mammals to call home with our range of wildlife hotels and bee logs.

For a Helping Hand

How to care for Birds in the spring

he dawn chorus is at its most vociferous as spring stirs British birds into the breeding season. Be sure to take time out, even for just five minutes and listen to the angelic birdsong and quirky behaviour of garden birds.

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