How to grow horseradish

The roots of the horseradish plant make a flavoursome ingredient that’s grated in a variety of dishes and meals.

Horseradish is very easy to grow and spreads quite rapidly, so it’s advised to plant in large containers or raised beds for easier control.

How to prepare the soil for horseradish

Horseradish is a hardy perennial plant and enjoys deep, well-drained soil worked in with well-rotted farmyard manure.

Try to grow it in a sunny or part sunny location.

When to plant horseradish

Horseradish can be grown from seed, however it’s far easier and more common to grow it from individual root pieces called thongs.

Thongs should be planted into outside containers or beds in March or April.

How to plant horseradish

Fill a 12inch (30cm) pot with compost and plant three thongs about 2inches (5cm) below the surface. Fill the soil in over the thongs.

  • Thongs must be planted with the sloping cut at the bottom and the flat cut at the top.
  • Water well, especially in hot spells.
  • If planting in ground soil, keep plants about 2ft (60cm) apart.
  • Apply a well-balanced liquid feed to potted plants in the summer.

When to harvest horseradish

After the autumn foliage dies back, the plant can be harvested. If the plant has been exposed to frost, this will improve the flavour.

To harvest ground plants, dig around the roots and gently raise the plant from the soil.

Container plants can be turned up and the rooted horseradish removed. Keep some of the plants and replant in fresh soil for a crop next season.