Bird Feeder Cleaning Brush



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Long and durable cleaning brush perfect for cleaning bird feeders. With generous 43cm handle for reaching the bottom of feeders

Pack Contents: 1x Cleaning Brush


  • With comfortable handle
  • With flexible shaft to clean around seed ports and other obstacles
  • Removes old food and potential bacteria and germs from bird feeders
  • H43cm

Keep your bird feeders clean with this cleaning brush, comfortable and easy to use. The shaft is extra long and flexible to allow you to clean your feeders thoroughly. A flexible shaft gets around and past obstacles like seed ports and screws so you can clean your feeders completely.

We recommend you use your brush with a disinfectant suitable for birds. A cleaner such as Ark-Klens Disinfectant would be perfect. By regularly cleaning your feeders you keep your garden birds fully healthy and away from malicious diseases such as trichomoniasis which can affect populations of British birds like chaffinches and greenfinches.

You need not only use your brush for cleaning bird feeders: it makes a handy cleaning tool for in the home too.