Corinthian Graphite Style Bowl

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This excellent corinthian bowl can be used to grow flowers, vegetables or even as a pond

Pack Contents: 1x Large Bowl

Size: D: 60cm / 24in, H: 26cm / 10.2in


This decorative and graphite style bowl is 60cm / 24in in diameter but it weighs just 4.8kg / 10.5lb. This means it is big enough to hold many plants when it is filled with container compost or you can be fill it with water and plant with pond plants.

Graphite style will lift your garden giving it class and appeal. Choose anywhere to create a beautiful feature in your garden, balcony or patio.

Frost proof down to -40C, you can be safe that this bowl will withstand anything that our weather has to offer. It is also UV fade-resistant, this means that it will not fade or deteriorate even through the most sunny summers.

Made from 75% clay and 25% recycled materials.

To see how to create a decorative plant feature in your garden using this bowl, click here.