Flopro Eco Smart Reservoir System



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Use Flopro Eco Smart Reservoir as a stand-alone system or as a back up for your water butt. Use with Flopro solar smart systems to make it fully automatic.

Pack Contents: 1x Smart Reservoir System


  • 5.7 litre capacity
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Saves plants from droughts

The Flopro Eco Smart Reservoir System is an efficient way to use solar irrigation in your garden. Use the reservoir as a stand-alone system or as a back up for your water butt. This reservoir system has been designed to use in conjunction with either the Flopro Eco Smart 12 or the Flopro Eco Smart 24 systems to make irrigation fully automatic. The more the sun shines, the more the system waters – and it's that simple!

If you don't have a water butt, don't worry! This clever reservoir enables you to use the Flopro Eco Smart systems without having a water butt in your garden. Plus it's the perfect way to water your plants whilst you're away on holiday meaning you don't have to worry.

To use, simply connect to your outside tap and the reservoir will fill up when the system detects that your plants need watering. It also has a built in float valve so it will never overflow.

    The set includes:

  • 5.7 litre capacity container
  • Float valve
  • Hose connection clip