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Provide somewhere to shelter they use up vital energy reserves just trying to keep warm & if food is also scarce this can become critical for the bird's survival.

Pack Contents: 1x Bird Rooster

Size: H:30cm (12in) x D:17cm (7in)


  • Secure entrance to keep predators away and rain out
  • Sturdy inner frame also supports against wind and rain
  • Brushwood covering creates a natural appearance in the garden
  • Perfect for birds such as Robins and Wagtails

Create the perfect sanctuary to attract roosting birds to your garden. Birds can feed and rest in safety within this Brushwood secure box.

Wind and rain can starve small birds from eating properly and conserving their energy which is vital for them to survive and maintain good health. Our Roost pocket is the perfect solution to allow young birds to do just that.

The Giant Roost pocket comes in a brushwood finish, this offers a completely natural looking shelter which will fit perfectly into your garden. It appears natural to birds which entices them into coming to visit.

The roost pocket isn’t just specifically suited to winter time. It is also the perfect habitat for springtime nesting birds. The large entrance hole, doesn’t isolate specific birds from entering. This means that you can attract a multitude of birds to your garden. Such as Wagtails, Pied flycatchers or Wagtails.

Dimensions 25 x 16 x 17 cm.